Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Wednesday Wish List // 9.18.13

JACKET // I’m looking for a lightweight jacket to ease me into fall since there’s already a chill in the air in New England!  I’m feeling olive this season.

BRACELET // This newly-released BaubleBar find is only $36  looks like something J.Crew would sell for at least double that price!

BLENDER // I totally missed the memo on registering for a quality blender when I got married. Sure, a Vitamix would be amazing, but I’m not dropping that kind of money on a blender. This one has awesome reviews. I think it’s time to put my old Oster (which struggles with a basic smoothie) out of its misery.
JUICE PLUS // I'm not wishing for this anymore  I actually got them in the mail this week and am super excited!  I decided after rave reviews to try Juice Plus!  It is on the expensive side for vitamins, but a savings if you buy smoothies or are juicing.  If you have any questions about them, let us know and if you decide to try them, buy them from my friend Kristi and she can also help answer any questions!

DRESS // This would be an amazing score if you have a warm weather trip planned in the November/December time-frame. I love Charlie Jade dresses because they are flowy and fun – a perfect addition to your resort wear collection.  Bonus, there's free shipping with no minimum all week on South Moon Under!

STEPHANIE JOHNSON // This is a deal you cannot pass on, I was so shocked when I came across it and saw the clearance prices!  I have expressed my unconditional love for Stephanie Johnson many times, her bags are SUPERIOR to all others  trust me I know.  I guess she must have done a deal with HSN and my guess is the viewers didn't know what they were looking at...that is the only explanation for these prices.  To put this into perspective, the train case is $22.00 on HSN, on Stephanie's website (we are first name basis) the train case is $75.00 - that is $31.00 of savings people!  I've said enough - happy shopping!!!

Lauren & Amber

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  1. I used the promo code summer15new and got 15% off one of the bags :)


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