Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Aztec Secret Healing Clay Mask

It's rare for the Chic & Awe duo to be together in person since we live about 6 hours apart from each other -- thank God for FaceTime!  However, Amber & I are bridesmaids in an upcoming wedding for our dear friend Jess and she happened to have her final dress fitting up here in Connecticut.  So it was the perfect opportunity for Amber to hop in for the ride. (Sidenote - you'll be seeing a lot of Jess on our blog over the next few months as we'll be celebrating two bridal showers for her, her bachelorette in Mexico, and her wedding at the end of May!) 

I am die-hard, regular Amazon shopper and one of things I stumbled upon was this Aztec Secret Healing Clay which as you can see has lots of positive reviews.  Sounded like something worth trying...with friends, of course!

Here's a quick run down of the process:
We followed the directions on the back to a T.  It says to apply a 1/4 inch layer to your face.  Let it dry for 15-20 minutes.  Not our most flattering picture, but we're keeping it real here!
I think applying this mask before a shower would be the best for easier removal.  It kind of hurt cracking off the top layer off with a wet washcloth. However, the three of us thought our faces felt clean and refreshed, and our skin looked dewy, so it's been given Chic & Awe stamp of approval!

Have you tried out any new beauty products lately?  We'd love to hear!

Lauren & Amber

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