Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our Airplane & Travel Essentials

Amber's back from her amazing 2 week vacation in the Mediterranean, and after long flights to and from Rome, she's sharing her travel secrets...

Cashmere Travel Set // This Sofia set is definitely worth the splurge to me, I took it to Rome and used it a ton. The great thing about this blanket is that it is 50x60” which is the size of a normal couch throw.  Cashmere is also the perfect weight for airplane temperatures - not too cold and not too warm.

Ear buds // Your own ear buds are also a nice luxury. The ones they hand out are terrible for noise cancelling, and I, of course, love that these come with their own case.

Jonathan Adler Canister // International flights require Ambien, period.

Goldfish Crackers & Gum // Snacks are so necessary -- just thinking about airplane food makes me want to vom. Goldfish are a favorite snack of Lauren and I, and gum is always a must-have too!

Sugar Lip Treatment // Everybody knows and loves Fresh Sugar lip glosses, and if you don't you better ask somebody! ;-)

iPad Cover // The iPad needs no explanation, and I cannot say enough good things about Stephanie Johnson bags like the clear pink cosmetic bags below! I organize everything in her bags so there are never loose objects in my carry-on.

Fuzzy Socks // Socks just make me feel cozy and Tieks are perfect to slip on when you have to use the restroom. Not to mention, they are super comfortable for walking around all day.

Neck Pillow // Not the cutest accessory, however when you're on a long flight, it's all about comfort!

House Beautiful & InStyle Magazines // Magazines are so perfect for the time between boarding and using electronic devices.
 My pre-landing ritual is as follows...

When they make the last call for the bathroom before landing, I wait in line and try to be the last one to use the restroom, so no one is waiting on me.  I quickly brush my teeth with a travel toothbrush and use a sample-size face wash to wash my face. I always recommend bringing a travel washcloth from home to dry your face because nothing is worse than using those smelly bathroom paper towels. Next I moisturize since airplane air is extra drying, and apply the essentials: concealermascara, and blush.  I have recently thrown in a set of mini make-up brushes in my bag that I got as a gift with purchase - they are really nice for blending.  A mini dry shampoo is a new addition as well - there are few things are worse than dark shiny roots on a blonde.  Lastly, finish with something that smells good -- we both love Ambre VanillĂ© Hand Cream from Laura Mercier!

So those are our tips -- what about you fellow travelers?  Any other great ideas or products we should know about for our next flights??

Lauren & Amber

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