Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beauty Box Reviews

We love products so it only made sense to sign up for some beauty boxes so we could get our sample on!  Plus, who doesn't love monthly presents in the mail?!

Here are our reviews...

(Reviewed by Amber)
Bulgari Eau Parfumée Au Thé Blanc Soap // $30
This smells amazing!!  Love it!

This is a great lip gloss and it's long lasting.

I did use this and it was interesting, but I won't be purchasing it. It was cool to try it though, masks are great items for sample bags.

This isn't bad, I used it as a highlighter and in the corners of my eyes.  The packaging is terrible though, it is a loose powder and the top does not twist on tight enough.

I gifted this to our friend Jess so the jury is still out!

(Reviewed by Lauren)
Butter London 3 Free Nail Lacquer in Diamond Geezer // $15
I was excited to get the full size bottle which retails for $15, however I'm 100% a gold versus silver girl, but since I now have this in my possession, I could see myself wearing this for New Year’s Eve.

So in the bottle I hated it, but I figured I’d give it a try anyway.  On, it’s got a very feminine and floral scent, and I was quite surprised it latest all day long.  However, it still seemed a little dated and too granny for me.

I already had this product and have only used it once before.  This is probably nothing I’d ever buy again, only because my lack of need.

This smells a bit medicinal and it’s hard to comment on its anti-aging properties when you get such a small sample. With the full-size bottle costing $250 though, I can think of approximately 1,256,060 other things I'd rather spend $250 on…like a more affordable face lotion ;-)

I really love Stila makeup, but this product just didn't do it for me! I guess it's good they call it a smudge stick, because that's exactly what it did (all over the place).

(Reviewed by Lauren)
This primer I really liked…in addition to wearing it under my eye shadow, I also put it under my Dermablend concealer too and noticed it helped make that last longer as well.  I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the full size.

Admittedly, I wasn’t excited when I saw this, but I of course tried it out.  I am shocked to say, this thing actually stayed on my very large head.  While I don’t see it working well for the gym, it’s become an around-the-house staple.

It smells nice and it’s the perfect size for my toiletry bag (which I always keep packed), however I’ll stick with my $2 Barbasol shaving cream for regular use.

The smell is really intense – and it's not a fragrance I'm a fan of.  I did use it on a blemish and it helped dry it out slightly, but I expect better results for having a higher price tag.  Won't be buying.

I mean, it’s your typical nail file - a cute one at that, but nothing really noteworthy to share.  A nice bonus though!

Do you have any other beauty boxes or other product recommendations we should try out?  We'd love to hear!

Lauren & Amber

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