Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar Fashion Review

Alright, let's get real here and discuss The Oscars...

Last night, we popped the champagne, got on FaceTime for real time fashion commentary, and were super excited, after all this is the best award show of the season! 

However, this perfectly sums up our thoughts:

Could it have been more boring -- especially in the fashion department!  No one seemed to bring their A-game!

So let's get right into it...


Worst overall:
Anne Hathaway
She was a big let down for me.  When you keep winning every award this season in the Supporting Actress category, you have to expect to be winning the Oscar...and this is what you decide to show up in?!?  It looks a lame bridesmaid dress from 1997.  The color doesn't do her any favors, and I think statement earrings, versus a choker, would have been a much better choice. Sooo disappointing!  Is it just me, or does she keep getting more and more annoying with her acceptance speeches?

Best Overall:
Georgina Chapman
I know, I know -- she's not a big "Hollywood Star", but at 8 months pregnant, the Marchesa co-founder was rocking the red carpet yesterday I thought!  The detailing on the dress is amazeballs. I can only hope to look half this good when I'm pregnant!

Best Man:
Eddie Redmayne
I honestly thought every actor looked great, (nod to Daniel Day-Lewis for rocking navy and looking fab!) but I appreciate the well-tailored fit on Eddie, and you have to love that he's wearing smoking slippers -- the show was a snooze, after all.


Worst Overall:
Salma Hayek
This needs no commentary.  The hair is the absolute worst!

Best Overall:
Amanda Seyfried
Amanda is my choice for best dressed. I loved the dress, the hair, the make-up (especially the eyes) - I love it all!  She looked flawless!

Best Man:
George Clooney
I mean it's George, he can do no wrong!

Our Honorable Mentions:

Jessica Chastain & Jane Fonda were both holding it down!

This was a super flattering dress on Octavia Spencer:
Not sure it's possible for Halle Barry to look bad...
We loved Jennifer Aniston's dress, but that was the only thing dressed up on her.  She wears her hair and make-up like this every day -- it's just not enough!
Catherine Zeta-Jones looks good, but something seemed off -- has she had some work done?  And the bigger question, was she actually singing live?
J. Hud killed it during her performance!
Reese is looking good for post baby!
Norah Jones, this is your red carpet hair? Really?! T.R.A.G.I.C!

And finally, what we could see of FLOTUS' dress, we really liked, although her hair and earrings weren't quite 100%...
[ all images via 1, 2 ]

So tell us -- what did you guys think?  Did you love the show?

Lauren & Amber

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